Help and Support improvements in 2012.1.98

The latest update to Document! X & HelpStudio 2012.1 is focused on improving usability by making it quick and easy to find specific functionality in the User Interface and to get access to help and support resources.

Help Hub

The new Help Hub allows you to get contextual help based on what’s going on in the application at that exact moment. The Help Hub can be opened by hovering the mouse over the icon clip_image001 displayed top and center of each Window. Hovering your mouse will display a popup containing a set of links to relevant help topics, online movies & knowledge base articles.

You can also search the online knowledge base directly and submit a support request, all without leaving Document! X or HelpStudio.


UI Search

The new UI search box allows you to search through the interface to track down some of the more hard to find options or features in Document! X / HelpStudio.

Performing a search is as simple as typing in what you are looking for in the search box; you will then be shown a list of matching results. Clicking on any result will open that part of the interface and highlight the matching interface element.


The UI Search also integrates with the new Help Hub functionality: if you don’t find what you are looking for with a UI search you can open the Help Hub directly from the results and search against all of the help resources tied to Document! X / HelpStudio.


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    […] of the ways we tried to improve discoverability in general was to introduce our Help Hub, which provides context sensitive help resources and also supports text searching throughout the […]

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