Document! X and HelpStudio 2013.1 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of Document! X and HelpStudio 2013.1.

If you have an active (on 13th May 2013) Document! X, HelpStudio or Document! X and HelpStudio bundle Subscription, or you purchased a license on or after 1st April 2013 you can upgrade free of charge here:

If you don’t hold an active subscription you can purchase an upgrade at signficant discount here:

Once you have upgraded your license, you can download the 2013.1 setup from:

If you would like to take the 2013.1 evaluation version for a spin (it can be downloaded side by side with 2012.1), you can download that from:

What’s New in 2013?

Javascript Documentation

Document! X now includes comprehensive support for documenting Javascript libraries, including regular javascript, jQuery plugins and jQuery UI Widget libraries. A unique design for the Document! X Javascript parsing engine gives accurate documentation even where complex Javascript inheritance techniques are used.

Full support for JSDoc and Xml comments is included. Comment sections can be placed inside function blocks or directly before the item being documented.

Automatically generated Usage sections and a Browser Compatibility section minimize the amount of effort necessary to create first class Javascript documentation.

You can find samples of the Javascript documentation output here:

Web Service Documentation

Document! X 2013.1 also introduces comprehensive support for documenting Web Services (SOAP and REST). A variety of Web Service Definition kinds are supported (WSDL, WADL, Swagger, WCF REST Help Pages). For Web Services that do not publish a supported definition, you can define the structure manually (Resource Groups, Resources, Operations, Requests and Responses) using context menu commands on the project explorer.

For SOAP Web Services that include embedded XSD Schemas, the XSD Schemas are automatically extracted and included in the project so you can take full advantage of the existing XSD Schema documentation support alongside your Web Service documentation.

You can find samples of the Web Service documentation output here:

User Interface Refresh

The entire User Interface has been refreshed, including crisp and clean icons and 2 new Themes – Metro Light and Metro White.

Full Release Note

You can find a full release note here:


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