Publishing to a web site, ftp server or network location

Our 2015.1 release of Document! X and HelpStudio includes new Publishing functionality that makes it really easy to automatically publish you generated documentation or help system to a web server, ftp server or local network location.

You can define one or more Publishing Targets in the Build Profile Editor and then either publish automatically as part of the build process, or manually at some point after building using the Publish command on the Ribbon.

Publishing is able to determine which files have changed since you last published, minimizing the amount of time and bandwidth required to publish your content.

If you are using Azure to host your content, you can download and directly import a publishsettings.xml file from Azure to automatically configure a Publishing Target. All of the publishing targets are quick and easy to create and can be configured in a Build Configuration for automatic publishing when building either in the UI or using the Command Line build.

(Click above to view demonstration movie)



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