Document! X and HelpStudio 2017.1 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of Document! X and HelpStudio 2017.1.

You can find more information on how to upgrade to 2017.1 in the full release note:

Document! X 2017.1 Release Note:

HelpStudio 2017.1 Release Note:

What’s New in 2017.1

New “Light” Templates

A new set of templates have been introduced inspired by the latest Microsoft Documentation style. These new templates introduce a simplified and fresh layout and typography featuring a frameless design with in-page Table of Contents navigation, a right hand action bar with automatic “In this Topic” support and a page layout that is responsive to the available screen width.

The new Templates are available for every supported documentation type.

Move and Rename Other Files

It is now possible to move and rename Other Files directly on the Project Explorer. References to the moved and renamed Other Files (e.g. images, Widgets and links) are automatically updated. To round off this new functionality, it is now also possible to create new Other Files folders from the Project Explorer. Source Control integrated projects are fully supported.

Improved Copy to Clipboard

The support for Copy to Clipboard in Colorized Example Code widgets has been improved and removes the dependency on Adobe Flash. Copying to clipboard now results in a subtle notification that appears beside the “Copy Code” button when clicked.

Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 Support

Support for Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3, the updated version of Microsoft Help Viewer included with Visual Studio 2017. The output that targets Microsoft Help Viewer will now automatically register with Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 if it is installed locally, a link to view the generated output will be included in the Build Results and batch files will be generated with the commands necessary to deploy help to Microsoft Help Viewer 2.3 on other machines.

Visual Studio 2017 Integration

Integration with the release version of Visual Studio 2017 (all versions), including the Visual Comment Editor for authoring C#, Visual Basic and C++/CLI code XML comments.


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