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Introducing Document! X and HelpStudio 2012

June 13, 2012

We are today making available a preview release of Document! X and HelpStudio 2012. The preview versions are fully functional, can be activated using your Document! X and HelpStudio 2011 license serial numbers and contains all the fixes from the recent 2011 update. The 2012 version will replace any installed 2011 version, so you may wish to try out the preview on a secondary or Virtual Machine. The project file format in the 2012 version is unchanged so projects are compatible between 2011 and 2012.

If you have a Document! X 2011 or HelpStudio 2011 license you can download the beta setup from If you purchase a Document! X 2011 or HelpStudio 2011 license with subscription now, or you have an existing active subscription when the final 2012 version is released you will be entitled to a free upgrade to the final 2012 version when released.

This is a preview release so please, as always, share with us any questions, issues, feedback or suggestions you have. Please also be sure to create a backup of your projects before editing them with this preview. The rest of this post provides a summary of the new features introduced in 2012.

Common Features

New 2012 Style Templates: A brand new set of templates with a modernized look and feel, that run under a HTML5 doctype in Standards Mode using modern browsers. The new templates include support for Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0 and 2.0 built in so you can use the same templates for your online, CHM and Microsoft Help Viewer outputs. The new templates use the template “master page” feature to minimize the amount of duplication and simplify making changes across a number of related page types.

Enhanced Template Editor: The template and page type editors have been enhanced in several ways including integrated support for working with “master page” page types and intellisense / autocomplete assistance when adding or editing DXMETADATA elements in the page layout editor or working with %%..%% elements in the scraps editor.

You can find a short movie demonstrating the new Page Type editor here:

Improved Rules Designer: The Rules Designer has been simplified and streamlined, making it easier to create new rules and rearrange existing rules using drag and drop.

Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0 Support: The new version of the Visual Studio Help System introduced in Visual Studio 2012 is now supported. Microsoft Help Viewer outputs generated with Document! X or HelpStudio 2012 are compatible with both Microsoft Help Viewer 1.0 and Microsoft Help Viewer 2.0.

Subversion 1.7 Support: The latest version of the popular source control provider is now supported.

64bit versions: Both Document! X and HelpStudio now come with 64bit versions (both the application and command line) for those *really* large projects.

Refreshed UI: The UI throughout has been given a refresh to improve usability and to deliver a crisper look and feel.

Document! X Features

AutoDoc: The headline feature in this version of Document! X, AutoDoc allows you to visually author rules driven content. This powerful new feature allows you to minimize content duplication and enable consistency by defining common content in an AutoDoc file, using rules to identify where the content will be applied. AutoDoc content is visible whilst you are working in the Content File editor (in a similar way to xml source comments) so you can see where common content is already defined and avoid content duplication.

You can view a short movie introducing AutoDoc here:

Visual Studio 2012 Integration: Document! X integrates with the RC release of Visual Studio 2012 (including the Visual Comment Editor), whilst continuing to support Visual Studio 2005 through 2010.