Document! X and HelpStudio 2015.1 Released

We are delighted to announce the release of Document! X and HelpStudio 2015.1.

If you have a current subscription license or purchased on or after 14th November 2014, the upgrade to 2015.1 is free. If you don’t have an active subscription and purchased 2014.1 before 14th November 2014, or you have a 2012 or 2013 license, a discounted upgrade is available at

You can find more information on how to upgrade to 2015.1 in the full release note:

Document! X 2015.1 Release Note:

HelpStudio 2015.1 Release Note:

What’s New in 2015.1

Publishing (Network Path, ftp, IIS, Azure)

Publishing features help you to publish your generated output to a web site or network share. You can define one or more Publishing Targets in the Build Profile Editor and then either publish automatically as part of the build process, or manually at some point after building using the Publish command on the Ribbon. Publishing is able to determine which files have changed since you last published, minimizing the amount of time and bandwidth required to publish your content.

If you are using Azure to host your content, you can download and directly import a publishsettings.xml file from Azure to automatically configure a Publishing Target. All of the publishing targets are quick and easy to create and can be configured in a Build Configuration for automatic publishing when building either in the UI or using the Command Line build.

External Topic Content Sources (Web Page and Quip)

It is now possible to derive the content for a Topic from an external source (Web Page and Quip initially supported).

Using a Web Page as the source for a Topic in your help system allows you to re-use existing content that is managed externally without having to re-import each time the external content is updated. This is particularly useful for scenarios in which key portions of content must be managed external to Document! X or HelpStudio.

Using Quip Documents (Quip is a simple collaborative online content editor) as the source for some Topics in your help system allows you to have stakeholders directly contribute portions of content without having to install and use Document! X or HelpStudio. Multiple users can collaborate, discuss and revise simple documents in Quip and the latest content will always be used whenever you Preview or Build the generated output.

As well as being used as the entire Topic Content, you can use 2 new Widgets to include the external content within an existing regular Topic.

New Project Dialog Improvements

The New Project dialog has been re-organized to reduce confusion about what information is required to create a new project and to make is simpler to create new projects by only requiring a single value (Project Name) and defaulting values for the new project directory based on the provided Project Name and the default root directory defined in Options.

Enhanced "Backstage" Application Menu

Commands for creating and opening projects, as well as the Sample Browser and Movie list have been moved to the "Backstage" Application Menu (the page that shows when you click the Application Menu button at top left of the application window).

The Backstage menu provides more screen space to present the list of Project Types, Samples, Movies and Notifications and provides a consistent way to organize this application level functionality whilst freeing up Ribbon space for Project and Content functionality.

Javascript IE9 Load Context

In previous versions, Javascript documentation loaded the Javascript files being documented in an IE8 load context to maximize backward compatibility. Current versions of popular Javascript dependencies such as jQuery no longer support the IE8 javascript engine so this has now been changed so that Javascript is now loaded in an IE9 load context. Note that older Javascript and older dependency versions such as jQuery 1.x will still load in this newer context.


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